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Sourdough Bread Sharing

I've been making sourdough bread since June of 2023. The process has been a creative journey which evolved into sharing loaves on boards.

Being a designer, I'm always thinking of ways to create. Whether it is a floorplan, a fabric ensemble, or a kitchen design. The designer mind is always at work even in everyday tasks. That is apparent in my sourdough adventure.

As the world speeds up, I keep trying to simplify and slow down, going back to basics. This led to learning to make sourdough from scratch including the starter which I accomplished. Then I wanted to share this simple all-natural bread with friends and family.

Instead of tossing the loaves into a bag I thought of creating boards from my barn wood stash leftover from our mudroom makeover. In addition to the barnwood I have lots of antique hardware hanging around. I pair these elements together and put the bread along with a side of butter on the boards.

I feel joyful when I give the bread and board to someone. In this example, I bring bread to my upholstery workroom. This one-woman operation is amazing. She does meticulous work, and she was delighted to receive the bread and appreciated the unique board. That's my dog Bell in the workroom which is dog friendly.

I had a former client turned friend to my home for dinner and presented her with bread and board. She was delighted.

She helped me find and choose my doggie Bell after my beloved older dogs crossed the rainbow bridge in 2022.

And speaking of my beloveds, I named my sourdough starter after one of them, Homer. I started sharing Homer with people wanted to create their own sourdough bread.

If you are local and would like a Homer sourdough starter reach out to me and I'd be happy to share.

As you can see, when not designing homes and interiors I'm designing and creating in other ways. The designer mind is always at work. If you want to read about my sourdough journey in detail visit my lifestyle blog post.

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