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Layers of Decor

Layers create detail. In this example, a nook offers an opportunity to be something. After exploring ways to use the nook, my client wanted to have a window seat. From there we developed the layout and detail.

I sketched out the size of the pillows to scale so that my client could visualize the arrangement.

It was decided to go with a lift top instead of drawers for two reasons, it was a lower price by not building drawers, and the storage was not actually needed; it is there if that need changes.

A simple arch provides a space to conceal the heat venting. Painting the toe space black creates a shadow and depth.

The addition of the pillows and lines of the beadboard backing add color and texture. It makes the space appear larger once filled.

My client and I did explore having a sideboard in that nook with lamps, but the desire to have a colorful and soft space to sit was more appealing.

Small nooks and areas can be designed to be a feature instead of a blank space. For this client, the standard sideboard was not best option. Think of alternative ways to use your space if you want a new look or function.

More layers of decor would or could include additional window treatments such as shutters, or drapery panels if that was desired. In this case it is not, but it would be attractive if implemented.

For another examples of layer click here.

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