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Small Space - Big Change

This photo only shows part of the story. A zig zag hallway is changed to an L-shaped hallway to create a pantry and recess for a bench with hooks and shelves.

This project developed when a former client contacted me to discuss a recently purchased vacation home that needed to be visually updated.

My client was stumped with the foyer and the awkward flow through it. The floorplans illustrate that there was a hallway maze from the garage door (lower left) to the main living space (top right).

Coat closets in a foyer are out of date. Let's be honest, not many people take the time to pull a hanger, hang a jacket, and place back in a closet. Most people, and especially kids, want to toss a jacket or bag on a hook. In this home, the closet was being used as a pantry to the nearby kitchen so there was nowhere for a jacket to be tossed.

A vacation home on a lake for a family with young children means that there will be lots of activity, visitors, and entertaining. While the kitchen was ample, it does not have enough storage space for food and small appliances. It was clear to me that a pantry needed to be created.

In a 6' x 6' space a pantry and a nook for a bench and hooks are built. This small footprint made for big change and improvement to the flow, the storage, and the look of the space. The takeaway here is that a small space may be remodeled to provide a big change for the better.

Cerutti Contracting did this remodel including building the pantry cabinets. Excellent workmanship and professional business. This is the second project I've done with them; both clients were pleased with their work and project management.

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