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Create Layers

This living space has several layers. Bookcases and items on the shelves create a vertical element, texture, and color. Drapery is a soft texture and a cozy detail; the window shades offer a diffused light and warm texture. The rug is a must for pattern, color, and a way to tie all of the pieces together.

Opposing and complementary club chair and recliner allow for seating to be near the sofa and TV yet provide a comfy spot near the window and table lamp.

Furniture pieces do not have to be a matching set. Tie the pieces together with color, shape, and scale. That is what my client and I did here.

This is the empty cookie cutter condo as purchased. It was just a shell of a space with no architectural elements to make it unique. We had to create it with layers described above.

My client had the leather sofa and ottoman so we started there. As you can see, this space was lost without the layers.

When redecorating your spaces thing in terms of layers.

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