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Screened Porch Furniture

Small spaces require precision when choosing new furniture. One piece that is too big can create a problem to the flow. In this example, my client and I choose furniture for a porch. There is a desire for a sofa, club chair with ottoman, and a dining table. What actually fit is shown here.

I create digital "boards" with all of the pieces in one view for my clients to see how the shapes and sizes work together. It is extremely helpful for those that cannot visualize.

My client discovered Polywood furniture and wanted to use that. I went to Beford Fields a Polywood dealer / showroom to see the pieces in person and thought they are of good quality.

We made our choices and placed the order. In the meantime, we purchased a rug from Ruggable and had that on the floor prior to the furniture being delivered.

The overall result is exactly what my client was looking for. Accents and other smaller pieces will be added over time. Until then the porch is furnished and ready for use.


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