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New Chapter

My Barn on a Summer Evening

Three plus years ago, the pandemic forced all of us to take a look at life in a new way. My husband I and are both self-employed so we used that time to examine our lives and businesses and decided it was a good time to simplify.

I took it as an opportunity to cut way back on client work, because there wasn’t much work anyway in the months during the height of the pandemic. Once I got used to that, I really liked it. Having one or two clients at a time as been manageable and freeing.

Life is a series of chapters; mine is now being semi-retired. What that means to me is that I can take on as much or as little work as I choose. Most of my work comes via referrals or repeat clients which is a blessing and I’m grateful for that because I enjoy my work in home design.

My secret garden that took me four months to create.

I also enjoy my time spent on personal projects. Such as creating a new landscape and gardens at our once neglected property. You can see my latest garden project on my lifestyle blog. Click here.

My sourdough bread on a barn board.

In addition to gardening, I’ve taken up sourdough bread making. That has been interesting. Sourdough is both an art and science. The only way to get experience and to learn is to keep making loaves of bread. And since I don’t want to eat that much bread, I give it away to friends (if the loaves come out well). I wrote about that on lifestyle blog. Click here.

My husband’s work takes him all over New England and sometimes upstate New York. For years and years he would drive to and from work assignments in one day despite them being 5 hours one way. That meant that paperwork piled up and he was always in his office weekends and evenings doing reports. We changed that in 2022 and we now take our motorhome on these long assignments. I do the driving and my husband does paperwork while actually being on the road. It has been a game changer.

Me driving the motorhome.

We make adventures out of new assignment locations; I plan out the trip and find places to park our rig overnight. Our dog Bell, and our cat Willy come along too. I share our trips and day to day life in my lifestyle blog.

The lifestyle blog has been a creative endeavor for me as I write and assemble the photos to go with the post. I also make videos. I make basic videos but I’m learning more and more about video editing. I have long way to go, but that doesn’t stop me from publishing my videos.

In this current life chapter, I’m learning new things like sourdough, plants and gardening, video editing, and motorhome driving. It’s all good.

This blog will begin highlighting more aspects of my life and home. When client projects have interesting aspects to share, I will share them. The business name is Julie Fergus American Home after all. Thanks for reading! 😊

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