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Multi-Function Window Coverings

There are times when one product won't provide all of the solutions to a problem. Here are examples where I combine one or more products for light control, privacy, and decoration.

In these examples, I'll walk you through the products.

Arch top windows are lovely, yet they are a challenge to cover for light control. Luckily, in this home the ceiling is flat over the arch. This provides the wall space on each side to stack and extend the drapery for a room darkening solution.

Room darkening drapery is combined with a light-filtering honeycomb shade (Hunter Douglas Duette) installed on the triple window for a complete solution for light control and privacy.

The drapery is installed on a ceiling mounted track and is hand operated using a baton. Motorization is an option depending on size, weight, and location.

Room darkening ripplefold drapery left stack.

Ripplefold drapery closed.

Ripple fold drapery stacked; honeycomb privacy shade closed.

Honeycomb privacy shade in the open position (before the drapery was installed).

This room faces south and west making for intense sun on both sides. My client wanted versatility and decoration.

  • A light filtering honeycomb shade with 3/8" pleat (Hunter Douglas Duette) with the top-down / bottom-up upgrade is installed as an inside mount for insulation from heat and cold and privacy.

  • A room darkening honeycomb with 3/4" pleat (Hunter Douglas Duette) is installed as an outside mount for light control and to cut the intense sunlight during hot summer.

  • A decorative board mounted valance is installed to cover the outside mounted shade and to create visual appeal.

A more elaborate solution is created for this large living space.

  • For light control and privacy, motorized roller shades are inside mounted on all of the windows.

  • For light filtering and daytime privacy and glare control, sheer fabric drapery is mounted in a ceiling mounted track.

  • The third item is stationary drapery panels for decoration.

When considering window coverings and treatments think about your needs. Most people think in terms of light control, privacy, decoration, ease of operation, and ease of installation.

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If you are in need of custom window treatment design and professional installation, I am able to assist. I work with a very talented workroom, have many product resources, and I team-up a professional installer for every installation. Use the contact in the bottom of this web page to get in touch.

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