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Design Details from My Travels

After a two-week trip in our motorhome from Wolfeboro to Abingdon VA, Knoxville TN, Lexington KY, and Clayton NY I captured several images of design details from my travels.

The Martha Washington Inn & Spa in Abingdon, Virginia built in 1832 as a private residence became a hotel in 1935. As a lover of old houses and buildings, I appreciate the authentic patina and loud creeks in the floors. Read the history using the links in the resources below.

The staircase in the main entry foyer leads to a third floor. I adore open staircases to third and fourth floors. A courtyard is created within the space between parts of the building; that must be pretty at night.

Historic Main Street Abingdon Virginia is full of antique details and interesting elements.

This is the garden of a personal residence. The ivy with a mix of green plants paired with decorative iron is one of my favorite gardens on main street.

Brick, ferns, urns, and trimmed boxwood are classic and timeless. I love boxwood and I am considering incorporating it into my gardens.

Vignettes from Lexington KY

My husband I visited Buffalo Trace Distillery and Woodford Reserve. Buffalo Trace has a beautiful garden. This shot shows where the distillery meets the gardens.

The last two shots are from Woodford Reserve; their grounds were not as interesting as Buffalo Trace.

La Duchesse a 104-foot houseboat is part of the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton NY. It has an interesting history from its design, construction, sinking, recovering, and restoring. The exterior of the boat is simple and understated. It shows no indication of the impressive interior detail.

The woodwork is stunning, the drapery and cornice details are elegant. To me, there is nothing not to like about this decor. The kitchen is sterile, but that is because there were maids to do all of the cooking, I'm sure the occupants and guests rarely saw or used the kitchen. All the detail is in the main living areas.

The boat exterior is extremely simple.

Thank you for taking a look at photos from my travels. It is energizing to get away from home to see new sights. I enjoyed touring the old buildings, gardens, and main streets. So much beauty here in America.


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