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Timeless Design

What makes for a timeless design? My opinion is that simple and classic elements are timeless. I'll use my kitchen as an example which was created in 1999. It looks essentially the same since then except for the TV, cabinet color, and displayed items.

It is timeless because the materials are always in style, wood, soapstone, and painted cabinets. I chose to go with wood cabinets made locally so that I could repaint them myself, which I did. I changed the color from a warm cream to a sour apple.

I went with less cabinets and instead have a furniture piece for dishes and glassware. I wanted more windows than wall cabinets.

Here are photos of my kitchen when featured in Country Home magazine in April 2002.

Kitchens are often dated when built with the latest trending bells and whistles. This is totally fine if you don't plan to live with the kitchen for more than ten years. Trendy tile backsplashes can easily become dated.

For my kitchen, I purposely did not do any tile backsplashes. I wanted less elements. The style of my kitchen can easily be changed with new cabinet hardware, different lighting, new paint colors and a refinished floor.

Learn from this example that keeping kitchen design simple will maximize your budget and provide you with a timeless classic kitchen.

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