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New Furnishings from Scratch

Images Boards of Proposed Furnishings

Once a furniture plan is established, it is time to start looking for the pieces to fill the space. The most important task during the shopping phase is to stick with the sizes of pieces determined in the plan. Increasing the size of one piece has a ripple effect especially in small spaces where there is no wiggle room.

Determine the overall color scheme, style, and flavor of the space. Perhaps you have rug you love, a fabric, a pillow, or artwork that you love. Use that as your inspiration to establish your color and pattern palette.

In this example, we start with a rug. The chosen rug sets the tone for the base color which is essentially monochromatic. This allows for flexibility when choosing the accent colors.

There are endless options for combinations when pairing with this warm grey rug. For this client we go in the red direction. It is classic and timeless.

This project is in progress, I will update as the space and pieces come together. As of right now there are few key furniture pieces in place.

The 3D overview is helpful to see the layout.

Key pieces in place.

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