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Home Office Ideas

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

We are almost at the year mark of many people working from home out of necessity. If remote work was not a regular facet of one's lifestyle this created challenges if a designated workspace was not in place.

A home office can use tables instead of desks.

The start of my design career began in corporate office design in New York City. The task was to layout office space and cubicles using standards for size and configuration. It was not very creative, just a matter of maximizing square footage which was a premium. That is where work happened; in large spaces with computers and phones connected by wire.

Home offices / work areas today are not as structured as the corporate office world. Any surface you desire can be work area. In this example a table and small console create a work station. A wireless printer is nearby, but not needed to be in the immediate work area.

A sanctioned "office" chair is a must, but work surfaces can be anything.

A home office can be a table versus an official deck, but the chair needs to support your body and allow for movement, especially the swivel, and being able to adjust the height is very important. I prefer the seats with the mesh design. It is comfortable, does not heat up like a fabric seat, and any spills will go through and not stain the seat.

Here is a recent article about office chairs for your home office.

It is nice to have the flexibility to use your laptop throughout your home for a change of scenery during the day.

Yet having a sanctioned space is nice to tuck your office away when not working. Even if it is a corner in an open space. Here are ideas for small work areas.

Home offices don't require as much file space since much of what we do is digital. If you do need file storage there are options that look like chests instead of metal boxes. As in this example from Wayfair.

Thanks for reading!

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