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Furniture Layout Process

Choosing new furniture requires knowing the size of the space and exploring the options. In this exercise below I use a project for a client that purchased a vacation home with the plan to furnish it from scratch. I measured the space and presented several ways the space could be furnished.

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The most common mistake that people make is purchasing pieces that are too big for the space. Avoid this by having a plan and understanding what will fit. A few extra inches too large can negatively impact a space.


  • There are usually several ways furniture can be arranged.

  • Adhere to the furniture sizes shown on the final design plan.

  • Don't overcrowd a room.

  • Compromises may be necessary to make the most of your space.

  • Mock-up the pieces in your space so you can visualize the layout.

  • Consider center pedestal dining tables for flexibility to add additional chairs in a pinch.

  • Less pieces are usually better than more.

  • Larger rugs are usually preferable to ones that are undersized.

  • If an odd rug size is needed consider carpet tiles, like Flor.

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