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Design Details

Details are what make a design interesting. As shown in this empty space, before my clients moved in, the detail has provided a beautiful backdrop for the next layer.

Most homes built today are often with simple details; elaborate moldings and intricate ceilings are not commonplace. For the project shown here my client did want detail. Since the main living area was going to be one big room the ceiling needed to have a design otherwise the space would be a bit underwhelming.

A coffered ceiling was the best way to do that. Each coffer is trimmed with a crown molding and a smaller molding at the bottom that accommodates and conceals an LED lighting strip. Coffers can be trimmed out numerous ways, just search the web for “coffered ceiling details sketch” and you can obtain many ideas.

In this project example, once the ceiling had a defined design the detail was carried down to the kitchen so that they complemented one another. This is imperative when creating a cohesive design. The elements need to work together in the overall design aesthetic.

It is possible to add ceiling detail to your existing home. The ceiling height will determine how tall each coffer would be. However, if a coffer is too complex strips of beams, or a flat molding in a pattern can add texture. It is a good way to add a visual interest to a space.

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