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Design Detail - "Window" Over Sink

Many condos have the kitchen tucked in on an inside wall with no windows; that was the case with this condo. Therefore, for this kitchen makeover we created a faux window over the sink to add a pop of color and to create an illusion of a window.

I was browsing antique and shops for interesting sashes when I found this one. It was the perfect size, and it had textured opaque glass. If it had clear glass, we were going to need to replace it, so this saved us one step in the process.

The sash was painted red to create a bold pop of color. Framing the sash with casing and sill make it look like an authentic window. The wall behind the sash is painted white so that it contrasted the blue walls.

There is lighting behind the sash that adds a bit of warm glow behind it. This project was completed before LED tape lighting was so readily available and therefore used rope lighting.

When conveying ideas to a carpenter or builder sketches are very important. Here is the sketch I did so that the window installation would be done as envisioned.

I recall that this builder was not interested in unique design details like this (he was a bit "old-school"). So the sketch was helpful to get him on board.

This remodeled kitchen has several unique details to maximize the small footprint. I'll feature those in another post.

The takeaway from this example is that an interesting focal point can be created where none exists. This could have been a sash hung on the wall as a picture; it would have been interesting that way as well. If you don't have a carpenter at your service, you can create a pop of interest with picture wire and a unique salvaged window sash.

Updated kitchen is a U-shape.

The original kitchen was an L-shape.

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