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Design Detail - Custom Headboard

Some clients love bold colors and patterns. In this example, my client wanted to create texture using the floral print on a custom headboard.

When fabricating custom pieces with fabric we sometimes have to mock-up the detail for review. For this project I went to the workroom, and we discussed ways to create a texture for the headboard edge.

A few different ways were mocked-up so I could send to my client for discussion.

My client liked the folded / rippled texture. A welt in the dark blue offers a line of contrast to separate the main surface from the edge detail.

The finished edge.

A plaid was used for the bedskirt and pillow shams.

The fabrics are by Schumacher.

Our talented workroom creates pieces using fabric. I am always amazed how a bolt of fabric is turned into useful, functional, and beautiful home furnishings and window treatments.

See more examples here.

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