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Design Detail - Bed Treatment

Custom design starts with an idea and concept. I often convey the idea with a hand-drawn sketch, as shown here.

My client wanted a headboard and wall treatment to soften and complement the hard edges of the space.

While the concept was being developed I created CAD 3D images to look at different shapes and options of the treatment. These images help clients visualize what the space will look like prior to being built.

We designed and fabricated a custom headboard and drapery panel that would hang from a corona, which is a round element with a way to hang fabric. This corona has a metal rod behind the wood.

The custom drapery is installed and draped over decorative brackets. An upholstered headboard was made high enough to provide ample padding to lean on when sitting upright in bed.

Each of my clients are unique with their own personal style. You may not find this amount of fabric to your liking. However, this client loves draping fabrics. My goal is to embrace that style and bring it to fruition. This is one example of a design idea created over the years.

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