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Chair Makeovers

When working with clients I'm always looking for pieces to coordinate with the style and color scheme. In addition to incorporating new furniture pieces, I always look for second-hand or antique items.

Found these chairs on Craigslist. The style and size is perfect for my project. The wood is painted and then the pieces are brought to the workroom for upholstery. New cushions are made.

The cost to paint and recover is less than new in this example. The key is to find the pieces at a good price. An additional benefit is that second-hand furniture is in stock and long waits can be avoided. However, my upholstery workroom is extremely busy, so some wait time is to be expected.

Dining chairs are easy to find second-hand. Look beyond the finish and fabric. Look for sturdy well-made chairs that can be transformed. This is a great way to maximize your budget, especially if you can do the work yourself. The welting is hard for a DIYer, but you could use a decorative glue on trim instead.

Resources to DIY

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