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Bold Colors

Fabrics don't have to be neutral. Color can be fun.

Bold Colors Mixed with Classics

Bold colors are not for everyone. For those that love color, embrace it for your interior décor. This is an example of bold colors and shapes mixed with antiques and eclectic accents. The first step for this makeover was to paint the walls and trim. Painting the trim lets the eye look through the windows instead of being distracted by the dark trim.

Before the Makeover

The space before painting was bland. Changing the wall color to the grey that complemented the stone fireplace it brought the space together. If that makes sense to you.

Two areas are created in this room. A sitting area is placed in front of the fireplace, and the dining area to the adjacent space.

Window Seat with Cheery Colors

This dining / reading / gathering space facing the view is next to the space in the top photo. The nook presented an opportunity to create a window seat and a multi-function space next to the kitchen which is perfect for meals for two, or a place to sit with a coffee and a book.

Before the Makeover

I could go on and on writing the concept behind the design to make it interesting. Simply put, it was a matter of creating a layout starting with furniture the clients had, and suggesting new pieces to fill the space to meet their needs.

Every project starts like that. One step, then many to create the layers of the space to achieve the end result that clients love that represents their style.

Sometimes I will sketch out an idea to get the inspiration started. This helps clients see the direction so that they are encourages to take action and make decisions.

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