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Fall - Season for Nesting!

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

In the northern climate, the change to chilly weather forces us indoors. So it's time to get our home interiors in order and create a cozy nest for the colder months ahead. There are many ways have a cozy home with decor.

After you have organized your home by tidying up any clutter that might have been neglected while you have been outside grilling, boating, to vacationing. Let's talk about making spaces pretty and functional

Multi-purpose furniture is great for any space. It is a way to maximize an area and have less pieces. For example, the glass top table with four ottomans is a multi-function piece. What I like about it is that the ottomans can be used as an ottoman or as extra seating when you have a gathering. I could not find one in white so we painted the set and covered the ottomans in a "designer" fabric. This created a custom look. (resources below)

Creating layers is a way to soften spaces and make them cozy. In this example the drapery is a layer, the furniture is a layer, and then the rug is a layer. Mixing sizes and of prints is a essential for making patterns work together. The large trellis design on the rug is a good complement to the patterns on the chairs.

Small square or round ottomans are great to tuck under console tables for seating. This becomes an area for a quick snack, or working with laptop.

Soft bedding is essential for a cozy nest. An upholstered headboard will add softness, color, and pattern if you choose. Bedskirts can be pleated or tailored but either way they create a finished look to a bed without a footboard.


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