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Busy Kitchen

Perogie making in the works.

I hope your holiday season has been joyful. I spent much time baking and cooking and I enjoyed it. Two of my favorite items are from the Slovak side of my family. Those items are nutroll and perogies.

Nutroll has many names from what I found on the web: "What the nut rolls are called varies widely, even from region to region in the same country. They are known as potica (poh-TEET-sah), gubana, ​and gubanica in Slovenian, strucla orzechami in Polish, orechovnik in Slovak, povitica (poh-vee-TEET-sah) in Croatian, orehnjaea and diosbejgli in Hungarian, orehnjaca in Serbian and Croatian, banitsa in Bulgarian, and on, and on. But no matter what they're named, they always make an appearance at weddings, Christmas, Easter, and other church and national holidays." - The Spruce

Here is a link to my family's recipe along with photos of the process.

Perogies are a favorite with everyone. They are easy to make but do take a few hours (or more) depending on how many are made. My favorite filling is sauerkraut. I like them because they have a nice punch of flavor and pair so well with many meats.

Most people make perogies round. I use a pasta machine to make strips of rolled dough then I cut into rectangles, fill, and fold. This makes very little dough waste and saves me from having to roll the dough by hand. Here is an online recipe that I found that is closest to the family recipe I follow.

I tend to cook and bake more simple things, but it is fun to end the year making some more detailed recipes.

Happy New Year!

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