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A Place to Gather

An example of improving one's home can improve the enjoyment.

It's hard to believe that this now beautiful kitchen which is the gathering place for family was once the space as shown on the left.

A major remodel was completed to make the kitchen the central component to the living space where a retired couple can share with family, children, grandchildren, and many friends from all over the country.

In my portfolio I show finished spaces without people "messing them up". And I don't often get to see finished projects in action with an abundance of activity. So I asked this client to share photos of their much loved kitchen being enjoyed.

The photos certainly show that people are happy and having fun in the space. Games, cards, eating, prepping meals, using laptops and smart phones, and having snacks all happen here. It is a joy for me to see. So much time, effort, and expense goes into the design and implementation of a home and I can assure when it is done "right" people are so happy.

Take a look at this kitchen being lived in. Click on a photo to open a slide show.

If you don't love your kitchen, or perhaps it's not family-firendly. Contact me and I can help "fix"it for you. Improve your Home ~ Improve your Life.

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