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Making a Custom Canopy Bed

It started with the request to make a romantic bedroom. Honestly, no client has ever asked me to do that. The meaning of romantic is subjective, so I wondered what that meant. For this client it meant cozy, private, luxurious, and a bit feminine. The husband of the couple was the one that was more in favor of this design idea than the wife. So this allowed me to proceed and not worry about it being less masculine than most bedrooms I create, which are more neutral.

I started with a sketch so that my client could see how the space would look. Next we decided on the fabric and trim. The construction and fabrication details were worked out with my workroom. It was quite a project because of the sloped ceiling. There was no prefab hardware we could use to as the canopy frame so everything was made in pieces.

Upholstered headboard provides a soft and rugged starting point for the bed. The bedframe is secured to the headboard, and the headboard is secured to the wall.

I partner with very talented seamstresses and carpenters that can fabricate and install custom items.

Click on a photo to open a slide show.

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