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Essence of Simple Room Design

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Interior design is more than making a space beautiful. It includes organizing and planning for tasks and functions. That doesn’t sound very exciting or romantic, but it is a very important part of design. If a space is beautiful but does not meet functional needs, then the design is unsuccessful

A way to avoid the treadmill of redecorating is to make wise and good choices to start with. If you don’t have an endless checkbook balance you have to make good, smart choices. Find your style and that of your family. Establish your budget, needs and goals.

Basically, don’t fall into trendy traps on expensive items if you can’t afford to replace them. Keep expensive furnishings neutral so that they can have longevity. Lower cost items can be trendy because they are easier to replace if you tire of them.

A room is successful if you enjoy being it and if it meets your needs. If it does not, you need to understand the basics so that you can evaluate and see the challenges.

  1. Balance, organization, use of color, proper lighting, proper scaled furnishings are all important elements of good design.

  2. Traffic Flow: the line of travel through a room to each doorway. Identify the traffic flow pattern options so that you can place furniture accordingly.

  3. Determine your furnishing and storage needs. Keep it simple. Don't over furnish.

  4. Furniture layout basics:

  • determine the usable floor area

  • create conversation area: either one or multiple areas

  • direct the traffic flow with furniture placement (consider blocking a duplicate doorway)

  • table or surface next to each seat

  • lamps nearby seating for reading and or ambience

  • utilize multi-function furniture

Julie Fergus, ASID, is a nationally published interior designer. Her studio and showroom is located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Julie's clients are primarily in the Lakes Region and Mount Washington Valley, however, she will travel throughout the state and North East. Visit her website for contact info.

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