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Life after Lockdown

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Wolfeboro Bay & the Town Docks

Life in New Hampshire is feeling almost back to normal since the shut-down. I understand that things are different in many areas of the country; I can only speak to how it is in my part of the world.

Living in Wolfeboro has proved to me that small town living is the best. Wolfeboro is a gem of a place because it has everything: local farms, a hospital, two grocery stores, an amazing hardware store, a lumberyard, pharmacies, gas stations, restaurants that provided take-out, and a Dunkin' Donuts. Click here for demographics.

Twenty-three years ago my husband and I chose Wolfeboro because of the rural beauty, the lakes, and the town amenities. Fast forward to the pandemic and we fell in-love with our little town. Businesses and local farmers stepped up and served the community well. Stores were well-stocked and staff was friendly. Residents literally did not have to leave the community for essentials reducing interaction with the larger population.

During the time spent at home I got out a white board and started jotting down ideas on what life looks like at the end of this lockdown. My husband and I would toss out ideas on what the next few years looks like. If we are lucky, we have ten good years before "being old".

This led us to putting the downsize plan in motion. Some of you may know that we own and manage vacation rentals. We have already sold one; another is under agreement, and we are keeping one. We are now starting to feel a bit more free.

As for design services, I have a few active projects. That is the most I am taking on as I move forward. The days of piles of work, back to back appointments, long installation days are behind me. A slower work pace will allow for more flexibility to RV travel more and start new ventures; like tackling projects at my drafty old house.

My Green Garden

Gardening is not something I enjoy. I am a lazy gardener which means I look for the hardiest plants, and pot or plant them the fastest way possible. My plan is to learn more about gardening so that I can create cottage style gardens and interesting visuals.

Also in the "Life after Lockdown Plan" we will RV travel more and make the most of the boating season on Lake Winnipesaukee. We are grateful to live in a beautiful place in a town and area we love; creating a life we don't need a vacation from.

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