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Furniture Piece as Bathroom Vanity

A retired Victrola case given new purpose as a vanity.

It's not a new idea to use a furniture piece as a bathroom vanity; I've done it many times for projects. My choice as has always been to use vintage servers because they are easy to find and have a combination of drawers and doors.

I have always avoided bureaus with only drawers because it requires too much work to modify the drawers to accommodate plumbing.

When possible, have the faucet come out of the wall. This frees up vanity space.

The top can be removed and replaced with granite to accommodate undermount sinks.

There are several reasons why a furniture piece is a nice alternative to a traditional vanity cabinet: they are in-stock somewhere on Craigslist or second-hand shop, unique, interesting, and cost effective.

Here are examples from projects where we have used furniture in bathrooms.

Looking to upgrade your bathroom and want a bit of professional advice? Reach out to me and let me know your challenges with your bathroom. There are always ways to improve your bathroom within any budget. Click here for more examples.

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