Small Kitchen Makeover

Kitchens are such an important space in your home and must be thought out very carefully before making major changes to it. My belief is that a small kitchen is more functional than extremely large kitchens. I prefer the work area / triangle to be small so that it is efficient, thus requiring less steps between the sink, stove and refrigerator. The areas beyond that can be vast, but the main area should be smaller.

Here is an example of a small kitchen makeover in a condo that had the dreaded left-over 80's style. What I did here was add a shallow depth counter and cabinet along the right wall to increase the functionality of the space. This provided more storage and a place for small appliances away from the main work area.

Since this is a condo we could not add any windows, so I created a faux window by framing a salvaged window sash with trim. This give the wall a punch of color and a focal point.

So don't be disouraged by your small kitchen. There are a lot of options and space enhancers that can be incorporated into your kitchen to make it more efficient and functional than you can imagine. Consider hiring a professional (preferrably me) to assist you to maximize the space.


Julie Fergus, ASID, is a nationally published interior designer. Her studio and showroom is located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Julie's clients are primarily in the Lakes Region and Mount Washington Valley, however, she will travel throughout the state and North East.