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More Windows Less Cabinets

Expand your natural light and views by minimizing the number of wall cabinets in your new kitchen.



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Create Layers

Large living rooms with volume can made be cozy by creating layers. Do you want to feel cozy in your large living room or great room?

Cottage Style Bathroom

A casual and highly functional everyday bathroom with visual simplicty  Do you need to improve your everyday bathroom?



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A Vacation Home is Different from a Primary Home

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016
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Vacation homes are typically used for short periods of time and not for months on end. This means that the way the home is used is a bit different from primary residences. I have three vacation rentals and most of my client projects are for vacation homes. So I have a good overview of how the needs are a bit different.

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Stair Makeover

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Some projects entail upgrading the aesthetic of a space, not the function. For this project I was hired to redesign the master bathroom, which I did to my client's liking. However, I did point out that they could enhance the look of the builder grade stair design by replacing the carpet with wood treads and adding a decorative railing. So they chose to have that done. The result is beautiful.

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